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Moments of reflection

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Life in 2018. The year where everything was new. New country, new language, new friends, new home, new jobs. Building a whole new life from scratch.

The year I turned 40 feels like it’s been a total rebirth, a life upgrade.

We’ve created a sanctuary that’s been hard work. It’s been tough in ways I didn’t imagine. Feelings of isolation but also an incredible warmth and welcome into our new world. Missing family and friends in London but loving the quality time with them when they are here, and with new friends. Health has constantly been a challenge, but also a priority, and despite ongoing issues, we’ve both been healthier this past year than in the last 5 years put together. Things have been harder than we prepared ourselves for, but we look at each other at least once a week and are able to say ‘life is pretty amazing’.

My ‘word of the year’ for 2017 was ‘Transformation’. We couldn’t have done that any better, leaving behind our old lives for a new one. 2018’s word was ‘Create’. Create friendships, build the home, create new work opportunities and go back to making my own art. I’ve created a new relationship with my health - and when I look back on the year I can feel good about what we have created together. We’ve done a pretty fantastic job of it all. But, it’s felt like a slow struggle, and looking back I’ve also been really hard on myself, pushing myself to reach the long list of goals I set myself. 

The past two years words have both been about striving to get things done and progress. 

My word for 2019 is a radical one. ‘Enjoy’. I’m gonna cut myself some slack and damn well celebrate everything I’ve worked so damned hard to make happen, and enjoy every experience with as much presence as I possibly can. No more being hard on myself. Life is short, and I know too many people who haven’t made it to 40. 

2019 is going to be all about having a Damn. Good. Time.

Sunset over Amsterdam - August 2018. Sketchbook watercolour study.

Sunset over Amsterdam - August 2018. Sketchbook watercolour study.

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