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The Joy of making


We all experience so much of life through digital media. It has opened up the potential of what we can access, experience and achieve beyond comprehension, and I love that I live in this moment in time where so much is possible. It is phenomenal.

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It is also changing how we make, create, experience our bodies and how we activate different parts of our brains. We are so used to everything being so fast, we are needing to be reminded of the value of slow things. Things that take time. Things that are not right the first time. Things that need time to get better. The opposite of instant gratification. There is a rise in the Slow Living movement for good reason, and I sign up to it wholeheartedly. This is where making comes in.

The joy of making is in the tactility of the process.

Whether that be cooking, making a table, knitting a scarf or drawing. Getting your hands dirty, making a mess, feeling the different qualities of materials. There is so much awe and wonder and fun in creating something and so much satisfaction in finishing!  It’s so easy to get hooked on the satisfaction high, and is perhaps why I am rediscovering all things ‘making’ at this point in my life. I’ve been knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting and I’m about to learn to sew. I’m suddenly hungry to just go on a mass making spree.


But back to Art. It is such a relief to disengage with the analytical side of my brain. Any artist, or child, will tell you how amazing it is to just get lost in paint, colour, scribbles, mess, dirty hands, exploring visually not knowing what might emerge. I feel like I’m casting spells on the page and when I step back some kind of magic has happened. Not always! But enough to make me want to keep doing it!

And why should it go out in the world? Why would the world care?

For me, when I see works of art that I admire, I connect to it because I see into a world that I didn’t see before. Art has the ability to make something invisible come to life. Art brings a connection to the feelings and experiences of others, and access to different emotional aspects of your self. This matters. We need beauty and connection. It soothes our souls, changes the feeling of our spaces, and can allow us to access states of awe, contemplation or calm. Sometimes it simply allows us to breathe.

I believe that to marvel at someone else’s creation is a beautiful thing, it is a form of expressing love. What is more important than bringing more love into the world? If art can help to make that happen, then it is a worthwhile and marvellous thing. 


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